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Residential & Commercial Window Film

Residents of Tucson, Sierra Vista and Green Valley not just calling us for their car window tinting and rock-chip repairs.
At AZ HeatBusters Window Tinting, we can protect you, your loved one's and your property against personal injury, property damage and even theft with our residential and commercial window films.

glass shattering

Safety and Security Films

The concept behind our protective films is simple. You can't stop windows from breaking, but you can lessen the chance, that glass fragments will fly around causing personal injury or death.
Whatever the reason for the glass breakage, flying debris, a terrorist bomb, burglary etc.. Our safety and security film is engineered up to 32,700 psi tensile strength and breaking strength at 370 lbs./inch.
AZ HeatBusters Window Tinting can make a dangerous world safer.

Anti-Graffiti Film

Our anti-graffiti film is a 4 mil. durable and optically clear product. It acts as a sacrificial barrier between the surface they cover and any vandal. You can protect all types of glass from windows, exterior and interior to mirrors.
Also protect non-porous surfaces like marble and stainless steel. Protect your property from markings, paint, key and knife scratching aven acid-etching. This film is unnoticeable and can be removed. Let AZ HeatBusters professionals help protect your property against vandals.